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Fulcrum Films

Fulcrum Films was established to produce virtuous, positive content films, while leveraging strategic partnerships–specifically with distribution vendors–to ensure return on investment as well as commercial success.

Bolstered by an Emmy nominated VFX studio as a co-production partner, Fulcrum has the knowledge, know-how, and professional network to cover all facets of production and distribution.

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Fulcrum Films

Our strategy at Fulcrum is simple. Attach the caliber of A-list stars to the project to secure a “minimum guarantee” from a reputable distributor or foreign sales company. In this way we can assure our investors of a predictable return even before we go into production.

One of the most important keys to the success of any film is its distribution channels, and Fulcrum is proud to have numerous distribution/sales partners with proven track records, to secure distribution for our films across all platforms.

We believe that our methodology-- producing films with secured distribution--creates an investment that is second to none. Fulcrum welcomes you to the exciting world of feature-length films! As an investor, you will have the opportunity to partake in this highly unique investment vehicle, for which there may be unlimited profit potential.

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Mission Statement

We at Fulcrum Films believe we have a model that provides not only impressive content, but also a successful business strategy with a healthy return.

Fulcrum is a profit focused, positive content driven, entertainment film company. With a forward thinking vision for the future of film distribution, we provide a competitive advantage and strong business case for investment.