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Braintank Media Group, LLC

It is the purpose of Socrates Productions International, LLC to produce a high quality, targeted, entertainment and media fare while at the same time maximizing various opportunities in merchandising, cross-promotional tie-ins, product placement, new product introduction, as well as the successful brand building and franchising of numerous properties in entertainment, multimedia and merchandising.

Our mission is to combine the emotional power of the entertainment media with the unique and innovative product alignments of the Socrates marketing team, while at the same time providing quality family and kid’s entertainment programming.

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Fulcrum Films

Fulcrum Films was established to produce virtuous, positive content films, while leveraging strategic partnerships–specifically with distribution vendors–to ensure return on investment as well as commercial success.

Bolstered by an Emmy nominated VFX studio as a co-production partner, Fulcrum has the knowledge, know-how, and professional network to cover all facets of production and distribution.

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Brushwood Media Group

Brushwood Media Group is your premiere full-service public relations, production and management company. We produce and accomplish "Dynamic Public Relations" that supports our clients’ objectives and communicates their messages effectively.

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Kennedy Healing Love Foundation

Kennedy Healing Love Ministry has been Burdened - Called and Anointed to help Teach and Empower this generation to obtain Healings in their Lifestyle and Finances!

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