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The FundFlix Investor Model

The Fundflix Investor Model

When you invest in films and entertainment content at FundFlix you have several ways to earn substantial profits while protecting your investment. 

First, your initial investment is guaranteed to be repaid from the first dollars available even before the producers earn a single dollar. 

Next, you earn a 20% preferred return on your investment before anyone else gets their hands on the net cash in the project. 

After all the investments and preferred returns are paid, you get to share a healthy portion of all net profits from the first 18 months of distribution and sales of the project.  This includes net proceeds from theatrical distributions, home entertainment (DVD, On-Demand, Streaming, Subscription & Free TV) and non-US distribution.  The total of these returns are typically projected to range up to 300% to a lower level of the minimum 20% preferred rate.

The FundFlix Library

After receiving return of original investment and distributions from all sources 18 months after original theatrical release, FundFlix investors will have their interests in the film be converted into a permanent long-term interest in the FundFlix Library where they will share in all residual income from ALL films and projects of FundFlix past, present and future. This guarantees that all FundFlix investors will ultimately share in the financial benefits that comes from super-successful, breakout films even if the films they actually invested in were less successful.  

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