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Damian Fulton

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 14/7/2016

Damian Fulton

Creative Director of Mind Over Eye and Dream House Productions, Damian has developed and created compelling content for film, television, and advertising. As Senior Partner at Ogilvy, he produced award-winning advertising for Kraft Foods, BP, Mattel, Cisco, Pacific Bell, and Hilton Hotels. 

At Marvel, he was responsible for developing original and acquired properties into complete animated shows for networks and studios. Damian is also no stranger to the big screen either, with features Broken and Painted Horses dues for release in '016. 

Famous for his urban art, Marvel pieces, and Jaguar spots, feature film director Damian is the creator of Radical Rick and other successful family brands.

MORE INFO: http://www.damianfultoncreative.com/

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